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Spearville Schools, USD 381


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June 28, 2021

Classroom doorways are painted to match the color theme for that hallway. This is our 5th grade classrooms in the blue hallway.
Green Hallway
The green hallway features our SPED suite.
Purple hallway includes 2-3 grades, SPED Classroom, conference room, as well as our student restrooms.
The secretary office will sport a blue wall.
Our new teacher workroom is sporting a red focal wall.

A view our our entry ways along our existing hallway. The doorway on the left leads to the teacher workroom.  The end of the hallway leads you to the new bldg.
Pass through from the old bldg to the new bldg.
Demo of the existing bathroom seating area.
Preparations being made for hand washing stations outside the bathrooms.
Sheet rock going back up in the hallways where the old tile was removed.
Existing classroom undergoing necessary renovations to become a proper music room.
Classroom closet and cubby areas taking shape in the new bldg. Lights installed and working.
Groundwork taking place between the school & playground. (Playground equipment still closed to the public with the pouring of the new cement, etc)
Trim installed along the outside of the bldg.
Covered walkway at the front of the bldg is seeing progress.

June 1, 2021

May 6th: Pillars being built that will support the covered walkway in front of the school.
May 23rd: Hallways being emptied now that school is out.  Everything being removed from walls. Time for renovations to begin on this bldg.
What was our temporary workroom for this past school year (or should I say work HALLWAY) has only the copiers left to be removed.  This will be the joining hallway, at the end, to the new bldg, as well as have a doorway cut into the the left wall to enter our new workroom. Same renovations will take place here as well. 
May 28th: Tile has been removed throughout the entire bldg.
We will have cement floors with epoxy throughout to match the new bldg and tie everything together. 

The seating in front of the bathrooms will be torn down and new seating will be built to match our new bldg.  The bathrooms will be remodeled.  This will include the removal of the sinks inside and hand washing stations to be installed outside the bathrooms. 

New floor is going down in layers in the gym.  Can also see some of the new HVAC system that has been installed.
Tile coming down throughout the bldg. Will have updated tile & a fresh coat of paint to complete the new look. 
Brickwork completed on the back side of the new bldg that faces South to the gym. 
Brickwork completed on the West side of the new bldg.  This picture was taken standing in front of the gym looking North. 
Brickwork continuing on the North side of the new bldg.
Coat of sealer going up on the classroom walls.
Framework & plumbing for the cabinetry & sink, cubby area, as well as closet in classrooms up.
June 1st: Construction on the rest of the dirt work taking place on the South side of the school.  The playground has been closed until further notice.


April 15, 2021

More of the building is starting to take shape.  You can see the hallway in front of the offices which will be the front entrance to the building.  More of the eterior brick is visible as well. 

Front Exterior

Front Entrance
Front View Showing Hallways
Another Front View Showing Hallways

Looking out the entrance from the secretary's office

Front hallway looking North showing window into principal's office on the left

Front hallway view showing exterior windows

Brick laying at start of day on the south side.
Brick laying at the end of day. 


April 9, 2021

Front offices are taking shape.

Views inside the front office.

Rear bathrooms and back hallway.

Inside the storm shelter including view of the serving area.

SPED suite wing


March 25, 2021

The last exterior wall going up!


February 26, 2021

The storm shelter, structures within that shelter, and more classrooms are beginning to take shape. Restroom plumbing can be seen sprouting from the cement floor.

Restroom Plumbing Storage, serving area and restrooms within the storm shelter
Exterior view of the storm shelter Seating and hand washing station outside the restrooms



February 5, 2021

So much progress to behold and so many walls erected. If you have stepped inside the MS/HS for any sporting events, etc. you may have noticed painted cinder blocks are the finished product for their walls.  This project will be no different.  With that knowledge, the realization of just how much has taken place begins to sink in.  Especially when you also find out that the electrical, etc is being ran as they go. These gentlemen have toughed out some extremely cold temperatures and faced the elements under their tarps to keep moving forward. Exciting things taking place. (A special thanks to Caleb Rhoades for providing the aerial photos.)

January 8, 2021

With Thanksgiving and Christmas break stepping in on the building project and limiting the number of days for progress, the crew has has been hard at work.  Room, windows and doors are beginning to take shape. 

October 2020

Oct 23rd: Cement floors are poured and walls are going up!!!! 

Oct. 8th:

A lot has been accomplished in just a few short months.  The ground has been leveled, concrete frames assembled, rebar installed, and cement being poured.  The new building is beginning to take shape. 



August 2020

Aug. 31st:

The new playground was completed this month.  The students and staff alike were thrilled to have access to such a terrific play area.The giggles and grins were visible all day long.

August 9th: 

The playground equipment is installed.  Crew members are in the the process of pouring sand, which will be followed by installation of foam and topped off with turf.

The old section of the elementary building has been completely demolished.  What once started as a Catholic School, stands no longer.  There is still lots of ground work left to do in order to begin construction on what will be the new face of our elementary school.

July 2020

July 7th: 

June 2020

A time capsule was discovered in the cornerstone. However, upon opening, it was discovered that the vessel was full of water and everything inside was unsalvageable.  

June 24th: Demolition began this week.

June 17th: A ground breaking ceremony was held at 7:30am at the elementary school.

Left to Right: Christopher Korbe (Elementary Principal), Daryl Stegman (Superintendent),
Ron Stein (Head Maintenance), Randy Mettling (Board Member), Michael Hubbell (Board President),
Erin Huston (Board Member), Riley Schmidt (Board Member), Ron Temaat (Mayor), & Brad Ackerman (Board Member).


Daryl Stegman (Superintendent) & Brad Rice (Coonrod & Associates)

June 16th: Fence was taken down around the back playground (will be relocated around the new playground) and dirt work has begun in order to install turf and new playground equipment. 

Gas lines in old section of the building have been disconnected. 

May 2020

May 8th: Phone lines disconnected and beginning to board up old section.

May 4th: New playground equipment delivered

May 2nd: Silent auction held from 7:30-11:30am to sell items from the elementary building. 

April 2020

All elementary staff have been moved from the old section of the elementary into their new temporary locations for the next school year. Items to be auctioned are listed on the school website along with pictures.

January 2020

Tour Agenda

Review CMAR Schedule:
January 6th: Gave building tours to the CMAR's (Construction Manager At Risk) as a part of the selection process for the bond project.
January 10th: Request for Proposals Due 12:00 (District Office)
January 13th- January 17th: Committee Reviews RFP’s and Score
            Selection Committee:
                    Daryl Stegman- Superintendent
                    Dan Crouch- BBN Architects
                    Patrick Schaub- BBN Architects
                    Riley Schmidt- Board Member
                    Mike Hubbell- Board Member
January 22nd: Interviews and Scoring
            2:00 Hutton Construction
            3:00 Simpson Construction Services
            4:00 Coonrod and Associates
January 23rd: Request State Fees
January 24th: Committee to Meet to Evaluate Scoring With Fees (Select CMAR)
January 27th: Special Board Meeting to Approve Selected CMAR. 

Publishing and Contracts

December 2019
Interviewed for Construction Manager At Risk. 

Spearville USD 381 Sells Bonds

At Low Interest Rate


The Board of Education of Ford County USD 381 got a pleasant surprise at a special meeting on Wednesday, December 18th.   
The District received bids for the purchase of the general oblig
ation bonds approved by voters at the November Election.  The bond issue amount was $5,770,000.


The District applied and received a credit rating for their bonds from Standard and Poor’s Global of A with a stable outlook. 
The District advertised that they would accept bids for purchase of the bonds on Wednesday, December 18th.


USD 381 received 8 bids for purchase of the bonds:

D. A. Davidson & Co.   True Interest Cost of 2.129%

BOK Financial Securities Inc.   True Interest Cost of 1.988%

Raymond James & Associates True Interest Cost of 1.959%

The Baker Group   True Interest Cost of 1.928%

Robert W. Baird & Co.   True Interest Cost of 1.923%

Piper Jaffray   True Interest Cost of 1.900%

Commerce Bank True Interest Cost of 1.859%

Country Club Bank   True Interest Cost of 1.835%


The Board of Education accepted the bid providing the lowest true interest rate of 1.835% provided by Country Club Bank of Overland Park, Kansas.


The District had estimated an interest rate of 3.00% pre-election for the financing.  
The estimated rate was developed earlier in 2019 by the District’s Financial Advisor, the Wichita office of Stifel, Nicolaus and Company. 
 Steve Shogren of Stifel indicated that interest rates have dropped dramatically in recent months to historically low levels. 
A lack of supply for “bank qualified” tax-exempt bonds is credited with the low interest rate result. 


The lesser interest rate is good news for USD 381.
The lower rate from the original estimate results in total interest cost of approximately $380,000 less for the financing of the Elementary School addition and improvements.  


Steve Shogren, Managing Director of Stifel’s Wichita office stated: “We are proud to be the advisor to Spearville-Windthorst Schools for this election and bond issuance. 
We are pleasantly surprised that market conditions resulted in a financing that will greatly reduce the total debt service payments for the District. “


With the Board action on Wednesday, the bonds will be printed, a transcript sent to the Kansas Attorney General,
and the District will receive the final proceeds of the bond sale on January 15, 2020.

November 2019
Bond Election Held and passed